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About Traumatic Hip Injuries

Hip replacement patient exercising 
Traumatic Injuries Can Have a Dramatic Impact

Trauma-related arthritis is the third most common cause of joint damage. It results from damage to the joint from a previous injury. After the injury, bone and cartilage may not heal properly which can lead to:

  • Joint losing its natural smooth surface
  • Excessive wear on the joint surface
  • Negative impact on the blood supply to the femoral head or “ball” of the ball and socket joint (avascular necrosis, AVN)
  • Arthritis

Up to 20,000 new cases of AVN are reported each year. AVN is a disabling condition that can cause:

  • Hip pain
  • Loss of movement
  • Hip joint collapsing

If you are diagnosed with AVN and the head of your femur (thigh bone) is not yet collapsed, certain medical procedures may help your body build new blood vessels and bone cells to replace the dead ones. If AVN has progressed, hip replacement surgery may reduce your pain and give you better mobility.

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